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Best Hotels to Stay in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark but most of all it is also the largest city in the world. It is one of the most popular cities that are often visited by national and international tourists wherever they may come from. You can find a lot of museums, parks, squares and it holds festivals and events regularly that attract tourists from all over Europe. It is also the financial and economic center of the country. Copenhagen boasts of its exemplary transportation system composed of trains and roads along with the increase in the popularity of cycling which is also practiced for fitness and not merely as a form of transportation. You can find great hotels in Copenhagen whether you are traveling on business or you are like any other budget traveler.


It is highly necessary for anyone who visits whether for business or leisure to book near the city center since this will enable you to access major areas in the city. A major option is the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel which is located in the heart of the city. It is also standing right next to a river. In fact, the river is also considered as one of the main attractions of the said hotel.


It can be seen from the guest rooms at that side of the hotel. The hotel has a unique architecture which is a blend of traditional and modern. It was built during the 1700s but its guest rooms and public areas and facilities are modern. Its decors and architecture are of the olden times. Read to gain more info about hotel accommodation.


There's also another great hotel copenhagen and it's near the harbor. It's called the 71 Nyhavn Hotel. This is a converted warehouse that has six floors in it and around 150 guestrooms. Two sides of this hotel have the view of the river while the other side provides a magnificent street view where it's fun to go people watching. The hotel's walls are renovated and the wooden beams have been exposed which adds more to its elegance.


The reception area has a small lobby and has all the lights and the largest sofas. The guestrooms in this hotel have European theme staring from the colors used to the furniture patterns and designs and even the beddings and the carpet, making it a good choice for tourists and families on vacation. The hotel is however not good for smokers since it is a non-smoking hotel.